Susan Maxwell Skinner - 2022 Best of Carmichael

Susan Maxwell Skinner


About this Contender

Susan Maxwell Skinner runs business from home. She is a photojournalist for local newspapers and she is also a professional singer -- featured in the John Skinner Band. For many years, she has used all her skills to promote the community and local businesses. Her book "Carmichael - Americana on the Move" is an affectionate look at a small American community that won several publishing awards. The American River's natural inhabitants are regular subjects for Susan's photography and her educational American River Nature Blog has thousands of Facebook followers.
In an earlier career, Susan was part of the Buckingham Palace press corps and travelled the world with members of the Royal family. She has written several books on Princess Diana and is an acclaimed speaker on the subject. Susan wishes best of luck to all Best of Carmichael candidates!