Best Home Based Business - 2022 Best of Carmichael
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Susan Maxwell Skinner CHAMBER MEMBER

Susan Maxwell Skinner runs business from home. She is a photojournalist for local newspapers and she is also a professional singer -- featured in the John Skinner Band. For many years, she has used all her skills to promote the community and local businesses. Her book "Carmichael - Americana on the Move" is an affectionate look at a small American community that won several publishing awards. The American River's natural inhabitants are regular subjects for Susan's photography and her educational American River Nature Blog has thousands of Facebook followers. In an earlier career, Susan was part of the Buckingham Palace press corps and travelled the world with members of the Royal family. She has written several books on Princess Diana and is an acclaimed speaker on the subject. Susan wishes best of luck to all Best of Carmichael candidates!

Peachy Pop-Ups

Peachy Pop-Ups began with the desire to build a community of locally-owned businesses by hosting markets, business fairs and expos, networking mixers and much more. Our joy comes from seeing other businesses THRIVE through community, connection and commerce. Currently, we are the host for the Milagro Market in Carmichael and hope to plan more family-friendly events locally! We love to spotlight kid-preneurs at our events and even offer some KID-OWNED business fairs. We are working on building a non-profit so kids who want to be businesses owners can learn the dynamics and behind the scenes of running a business. We will be offering workshops on marketing, startup bookkeeping, social media, inventory management, payment processing, and more! We're excited to continue to build the community in Carmichael and the surrounding area. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading about our mission and submitting your vote. We will see you at an event soon!

Foraged Soap Co.

Welcome to Foraged Soap Co. where we encourage and invite all earthly beings to connect with the ancient roots of bathing through both wild-gathered and intentionally cultivated flora. Founded in 2013, Foraged Soap Co. crafts small batch, skincare and provisions. We specialize in soaps, balms, and salves containing only the highest-quality ingredients. We are proud to include locally sourced herbs, plants, and oils from our beautiful state of California in each of our products. Living in one of the most abundant, agriculturally rich areas of the United States, we are fortunate to have access to bountiful harvests year-round, and much of our inspiration comes from our close community of growers and foraging landscape.



Mary Kay Cosmetics CHAMBER MEMBER


Dale Lorzo Magical Entertainment CHAMBER MEMBER



Victorious Sales CHAMBER MEMBER (claim listing)

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